Sport Injuries

How long do you plan to live? I don’t know about you, but we have an extensive bucket list and plan on staying as healthy as possible for a long, long time.

It’s a good thing advance in health care has given us more choices on how to take care of our bodies in healthier ways. One of the most important fields of healthcare that’s giving us more options for how to take care of our bodies for a better quality of life over the long and short-haul is chiropractic.

Chiropractic care can keep us moving in ways our bodies are intended to. Everyday life can really do a number on our body. We’re constantly lifting, twisting, bending, jumping, reaching, crouching, many times in ways we’re not intended to move.

That can put unnecessary pressure on a joint that it’s not designed to handle. When this happens, damage can occur to the soft tissue surrounding the joint. If not corrected, the body, in an effort to prevent further pain or injury, tightens muscles around the area, causing what’s called a joint restriction. Think of it as the body purposely casting the area to protect it from further damage.

If not properly addressed, this can eventually lead to severe pain, joint inflammation, or arthritis, as well as permanent issues affecting how the joint moves and ultimately how your body functions. Do you know how you limp after twisting your ankle to avoid putting additional pressure on the injury? While this puts stress on other structures, compensating for the ankle out of commission, eventually creating a cascading effect of problems in areas you weren’t concerned about, to begin with.

Finding and treating joint restrictions of the spine and extremities is what chiropractors here at Dr. Biggs Chiropractic Center live for. Using a non-invasive technique called manual palpation, they’re able to identify which joints are moving freely and which have a resistance that could result in an issue rapidly getting worse.